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Episode 7 of my Podcast (

Welcome to episode 7 — History Is Made At Night. This episode is about a photography book I think is really cool. As always, I will try to limit my podcasts to around 5 minutes because that is my usual attention span.

History Is Made At Night by Godlis. Godlis is known by the author’s last name in much the same way as Madonna, Cher or Prince. The author’s full name is David Godlis and the book contains his photographs taken in the Bowry of New York City in the 1970s focusing on the music scene around the bar CBGB and the burgeoning punk rock genre.

I’ll talk in more depth after this short break.

I consider myself fortunate to have picked up this book at the Museum of Arts and Design while I was in New York because this book is even sold-out on the author’s website. His 2020 book Godlis Streets is available on Amazon as of this recording.

History Is Made at Night is a virtual Who’s Who of the punk scene in New York in the 70s and famously documents this highly creative time in music, fashion and the Arts. The photos in the book truly represent this time in a gritty high contrast back and white style that took me back to my college years. In my opinion the most interesting aspect of this collection is how the photos show us the usual suspects who were there to be a part of what was happening at the time.

If you are a fan of Black and White photography or a fan of the early New York Punk scene, I encourage you to take a look. I think you’ll be impressed.

At the time Godlis was taking these images I was attending university in north Texas studying photography and I was creating photos which were gritty black and white images myself and I was also exploring the local punk music scene which at the time in the late 70s was quite underground in north Texas, so I was immediately drawn to the images in this book.

I hope you will seek out Godlis and explore his art.

As always to everyone, Peace and Love