Welcome this is the script for my Podcast Episode 8 — The Ringling.

As always, I try to limit my podcasts to around 5 minutes because that is my usual attention span. One quick commercial for my book of early poems which is now available on Amazon as a kindle or paperback, just search for Glenn McDaniel.

The Ringling is about the Art Museum on the Estate of John and Mable Ringling in Sarasota, Florida. …


Episode 7 of my Podcast (

Welcome to episode 7 — History Is Made At Night. This episode is about a photography book I think is really cool. As always, I will try to limit my podcasts to around 5 minutes because that is my usual attention span.

History Is Made At Night by Godlis. Godlis is known by the author’s last name in much the same way as Madonna, Cher or Prince. …

On a road trip recently, I checked out the Bob Rauchenberg Gallery on the Florida Southwestern State College Campus in Fort Myers. This gallery is worth venturing off the beaten path because it is very well done.

If you are unfamiliar with Rauchenberg’s work, his work has been described as Neo-Dadaist, Abstract Expressionist and Pop Art. Rauchenberg worked in many media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, paper making, found objects and theatrical performance.

I was fortunate enough on my visit to see two of Rauchenberg’s most famous series, the White Painting series and also the Erased de Kooning Drawings. The…

Covid Killed The Art

This pandemic is really creating a lot of bad energy. Loss on many levels, hunger, increasing aggression, violence and crime, manic energy all around. I get really confused over the stock markets which seem to be doing pretty good despite all the job losses and businesses struggling to remain in business. Do the markets not grasp the idea that when people lose their jobs they lose their ability to buy more things? This episode debuts a new microphone so I hope the sound quality is better. …

Script of my Season 1, Episode 3 Podcast

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, I had tickets to see Pirates of Penzance at the Straz Center in Tampa. Then all theatre, cinemas, gyms and businesses were shut down. This all happened as I was launching my Podcast to talk about the art I was seeing whether that art was in a Museum or Gallery, a Theatre or Cinema, a Concert or a Poetry reading.
I clearly had to rethink how I was going to talk about the arts. Then I remembered a streaming app on my TV, BroadwayHD and found a performance of…

Script From My Podcast, Season 1, Episode 2

I went to the Museum Of Fine Art here in Saint Petersburg, Florida to see the exhibit “An Eye For The Stage” which was on tour from the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas and is a part of their Tobin Collection. It was a refreshing exhibit.
Robert Lynn Batts Tobin was raised by well known families in Texas, his father Edgar was a WWI flying ace and descended from early Texas settlers and defenders of the Alamo. Tobin’s mother was descended from a long line of attorneys and judges. His mother…

Script From My Podcast, Season 1, Episode 1

This is the name of an exhibit at the Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg, Florida which highlights “Surrealism at the Crossroads, 1929” and shows the works of artists involved in the internal controversy of the Surrealist movement.
Surrealism was an important and pivotal art movement and the artists of the movement were responding to the upheaval in politics, economics and society overall following WWI. Many do not know there were actually two factions within the movement.
Surrealism was struggling to define itself and some in the movement wanted to limit the movement to painting…

I am sitting in the hotel lobby in Los Angeles the day before the Adobe MAX conference listening to music, posting photos and videos to my social media streams and writing. Later I will drawing with Fresco which is Adobe’s new App for Fine Artists to draw and paint digitally.

Digital Art. It’s like learning how to draw all over again and naturally the tools and software make a difference in how this new art appears. The modern era likens itself to making everything easier but I have been trying to get a handle on these new tools for years…

I feel like I just can’t manage my time. I am mystified at the way parents juggle their job, their children with the demanding agenda their lives demand, their spouse, their diet, their workout schedule, their spiritual practice. Some people even juggle more than one job.

All the different responsibilities noted above are demanding of time. I am hopeful some future technological breakthrough will give us an app which adds time to our day.

In my attempts to keep all the parts of my life in motion I frequently end up taking things for granted. Things like my family, my…

I have had the opportunity to attend Adobe’s 99u Conference this year in New York. This is an event for Creatives of all sorts with some really great speakers and time to connect and network. I was really excited to attend and saw the trip as an opportunity to take some photos so I added a couple of extra days to my trip.
New York is quite a city full of people of all backgrounds, it exemplifies the “melting pot” concept upon which the people of the United States pride themselves. I found the city to also be a mix in…

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